TBAG Looking For Leaders

Tempe Bicycle Action Group is growing! Their recent billboard campaign has been a huge hit, and as per usual they are doing amazing things getting the word out and making Tempe a great place to bike. They are looking for volunteers to fill some leadership positions, so I’ve taken the liberty of copying Scott’s e-mail to those on the e-mail list and posting it here. Of course there are many ways to make cycling more accessible to everyone in the region, not the least of which is simply by riding your bike, but if you want to do more this is a great organization to get involved with! E-mail Scott at scrottie@biketempe.org if you’re interested.

Thank you for asking to hear about leadership opportunities! (If you didn’t, please accept our apologies and click “update subscription preferences” below to fix it).

Many hands make light work. If you can take one task and make it yours, you’ll free up the Advocacy Directory to coordinate advocacy, the President to preside, and, well, you get the idea. Here’s what you can do:

Social Media Coordinator
Community Art Rep
Volunteer Coordinator
Media Spokesperson

You aren’t alone in any of these jobs. You have the entire board you can draw on for help and guidance, and access to our volunteer pool. We can help you track down volunteers and other resources. For most of these, no special skills are needed. If you ride bikes, you already have a lot of insight to share with Tempe.

Social Media Coordinator — we advertise our own rides on Facebook most of the time but we currently do a terrible job of advertising them to people subscribed to “Rides and Events” on the mailing list, and we need to advertise more charity and fun rides put on by other organizations. Having roads closed to cars for family rides is huge for getting people out on bikes. We need to help with things like that. You’ll be part of our fledgeling PR team.

Community Art Rep — there’s a new Awareness Committee that’s working with the art community to bring visibility to cycling in Tempe. Working with Arbitrary Arts at Tour de Fat was one of the things that came out of there. The billboard is another. We need someone who can go to neighborhood association meetings and talk to business owners about how we can work with the community to do public art projects such as murals.

Videographer/Photographer — having photos and short videos to share is a great way to share our work with and engage the community. This falls by the wayside too often. Some of the board members used to do some of this, but as events get larger, it’s clear we need someone to make this a priority. You don’t have to make every event. Making half would be an improvement. You can and should also recruit people to help you. By being in charge, you save us a lot of work.

Volunteer Coordinator — one side effect of our growth is that we have people like Rich who manages Bike Valets and Mark E. who manages the Bike Lights for Ninjas program, but they themselves need volunteers for their projects. All of us need a few extra hands now and then. It’s also critically important that we take good care of our volunteers. We’ve allocated money for throwing a thank you party for them, and you could help put that on.

Media Spokesperson — after the billboard went up, we had something like four TV interviews, a newspaper interview, and an FM radio news show interview. We don’t want to say no to these, but every time one comes in, we have a mad scramble to find someone who can make it over there. Do you have a flexible schedule that would permit you to occasionally make an interview with only a few hours notice? You can also establish connections with volunteers who can help catch interviews.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for being part of Tempe Bicycle Action Group!